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How do I Register?
You can create a Profile for yourself or for your loved ones (such as your Son, Daugther, Friend) from our Home Page. Please enter as much as details, as it will help us find a Good Match. Once created a profile, allow us to get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your profile and suggest potential profiles that matches your profile.

How can I get the Contact Information of the Interested Profiles?
Even for our Registered Members, we don't allow them to see the contact details of other Registerd Members because of Privacy Issues. If you are interested in a profile, please let us know and we will provide the contact details after consulting with them first.

Is it Free of Charge?
Yes! Our main intention is helping Tamil Community and not making money. Having said that, you are welcome to donate anything if you like our services.

How can I Edit my Profile or Contact Details?
If you would like to change your profile, please send us the details at or contact at 647 581 5352 and we will update your profile.

Further Questions?
Please feel free to contact us at 647 581 5352 or email us at


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